The most engaging way to sell.

Have you ever had difficulty selling a product?

Let's say you are in the furniture business.

A potential customer walks into your store. After spending a minute or two glancing at your physical offering, they realize that this isn't quite what they are looking for…

What are they looking for, you wonder. At this point, neither you nor the customer know.

Upon leaving the store, they spot a section where they can design their space using a computer. With hesitation they approach one of the computers and begin to learn how to use the application.

After a couple of minutes of dragging around a few pieces of furniture inside of a 10' x 12' box on a blank, white screen, your potential customer leaves your store feeling unaccomplished.

The process repeats itself time and time again, resulting in lost revenue and sub-par customer experience.

Can this situation be turned around?


Fast forward to the following scenario.

Upon entering the store, instead of browsing your physical furniture they notice a location that visually stands out from the rest of the store.

What is it? They wonder…

As they approach this space, they begin to notice a lot of colorful blocks. Off to the side they notice several assembled examples of what you can do with these blocks.

Their mind begins to race and their hands begin to create.

You see, because you have completely disconnected your potential customer from the grudge of the mediocre buying experience that they are used to, and instead filled their valuable time with pure joy and more importantly purpose, you've increased their rapport to a point where they are ready to be sold to.

What happens next?

After finishing their creation consisting of 4 furniture pieces each valued in the hundreds of dollars, a floor lamp valued at $250, an $80 vase which they neatly positioned on top of their new coffee table, and a couple of beautiful canvas prints in total valued at $300 – which took them the longest to choose, they are ready to approach one of your sales people.

Without any selling effort whatsoever on their part, your service associate checks out all the items while letting the new customer know about a great discount that has been applied to their order, just for doing business with your store. And just like that, the deal closes on the spot, and you have a customer for life.

Because you 'heard the customer out' through their creation process, and because the customer invested themselves deeply in your offering through playful touch, your chances for a successful deal greatly increase.

But that's not all.

The best part is that this approach doesn't just apply to a furniture business.

If you're a developer, you can introduce your designs to clients and allow them to literally build their dream space in front of your eyes.

If you're in flooring, siding, or tiling, you can incorporate the textures of your materials into various aspects of Modular Magnetic sets, allowing your customers to see exactly how any given surface could look like. Want a black marble countertop instead of while? No problem – simply switch a panel!

If you are in home decor business, Modular Magnetic offers unique ways of getting your products into the hands of potential consumers.

Sounds interesting? Let's talk!